water isn’t even real

Seriously weird things are happening in every way theree is so I will continue to be obedient to the Lord because things are about to become very very very intense the water 💧 solidified as I was pouring it!! Day 7 and I am not an addict at all ANY LONGER no desire of it either at all hallelujah all glory to Christ I couldn’t have done this only him

I don’t know much but

What I do know I ALWAYS share with the ones in my circle because it is just absolutely ridiculously amazing how good and righteous and peaceful things can be if we CHOOSE TO OBEY the one we call our Lord and say that we read the scriptures we must live it out for others to want the peace joy and love….the power of Christ is within us by way of the Holy ghost which is the spirit of truth….. one can only know these things when they are born again and this applies for all mankind not specific individuals however obedience is essential for us to walk in the spirit and not fulfill the lusts of the flesh…