Update to my life💥

Let’s see its been a while since I actually updated this blog sooo lost 85 pounds since may of 2020 and feeling amazing (and tiny), like I am ‘me’ again too, umm..I took up drawing again and it is just really mindblowing to get back the talents again 🙃, and with the whole integration process of everything along w processing trauma it is not an easy road but I’ve come super far along in a pretty short period of time too…I have the ability to now truly forgive the broken,shattered, and hate filled individuals that were a huge stumbling block about a year ago…idc if they try to cause my name defamation any longer it truly is sad that they still want to include me in their rant sessions to thousands though, i pray for my enemies though, it is out of love alwaysss……

On the flip side though because of that situation w those certain individuals, I have become much stronger, much more resilient and not so naive to put my trust in just anyone ..

[even if it seems as if they are able to understand what I delt with in any way, shape,or form, better yet even if they have been through similar things as I have] i am only about true real genuine love i dont care for the trauma bonding any longer, (big step, growing up…)

down below is the project I just finished I call him ‘Mr turtle’..

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