And you still bring me up?

I dont really understand how this certain person and co.’ continually try to discredit my life story, it was pretty unbelievable the lengths you took it, saying all those lies of my name not being my name and literally putting it up online and saying my name was a publishing company? and working for that sick real sinister man (soros)? which actually was extremely dangerous for me,..

I forgive you after many months now i truly do because to be forgiven you must forgive so i actually do and it took a lot for me to get to this point and now, I pray that ABBA FATHER, in Christ Jesus (yeshua) name that he simply visits you both,

I am grateful that I have met someone that actually does help with alters and all of the deprogramming, ive also spoken to russ as well, and quite honestly my lifestory is my life story

I pray mercy for you both in Christ Jesus (yeshua) name and goodbye.

You truly were a huge stumbling block and you know what scriptures say right?…

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