Maybe [you] will actually do read this post, anyway just been thinking alot

First of all out your own lips you said you were the mother of darkness, leader for the satanic NWO, and that you were programed to program others and to track train and recruit for satans army  you know, all that good stuff, if that was who you were or possibly still are,

I truly feel badly though because as of lately I have seen that you are getting rather attacked via the implants or demons or whatever it may be, all that nonsense (I do understand what it is too, since I have a very similar background as you do), have you ever thought just maybe that you discredited the Lord by completely falsely accusing a BRETHREN (myself) in the Lord? And the slander and the lies about me that were just simply NOT TRUE? and, with that being said I want you to know that I have forgiven you and I bless you in yeshua / (Jesus Christ of Nazareth’s) name, what you and your ‘friend’ did to me was not of God or out of love whatsoever at all, and… I will pray for you regardless.

With that though, You were by far the worst programmer or handler in all my life. Sure you and your friend and Co. were amazing with all the deception and lies, you were an absolutely evil genius with your ‘word salad’ games and can’t forget the sick ‘crazy making’ that you were saying that I was actually doing when you know that it wasnt true and ohh the projection games you played and ‘mirroring’ my life story but then saying I stole yours? (Confusion 101) however you did that is beyond like satanic and sick however it would b possible 100% if you were still working with the CIA and the .01%, no doubt you were absolutely wonderful at smearing my name throughout the social media world. Sadly, you missed a crucial part of it all, and the most essential part of the  the narcissistic, sociopathic and psychopathic  gaming handbook. I’ll explain that this is the very first part of the experience/experiment which is called ‘trauma bonding’,or ‘love bombing,’ without that essential part it was simply pathetic and cruel pointblank. it made it easier to unlock the attachment that you slightly had over me,

Hope whatever agents may be sent this time that they can at least show me the love bombing part and not only the pathetic darkside, if so,anyway, I seen that you might have bothered to check this blog for whatever prerogative I hope you like whatever u lookin’ for, and no you didnt ruin me, nobody can ruin me… I am a warrior.

Sorry had to rant, best of luck

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