I was programmed with ‘The Lion King’ (the movie)

This mkultra monarch programming goes so incredibly deep, my ‘alters’ just don’t wanna stop bringing this all to the light , to expose what the satanic elite (the .01%) truly do. The ‘alters’ (there are hundreds of them, just recently started to integrate fully back together) and the amount of information that they carry is just absolutely astounding, gotta learn to love these ‘alters’ thats what I am doing now, and they have all this information that my main persona just couldnt remember (dissociative amnesia) so nobody thinks this is demonic, alters are not demons they are fractured parts of myself, just so nobody is confused. So plz, if you are trying to learn of the ways of the occult and the .01% then please watch the videos I post up because there is a flooding amount of information, I thank the Lord there are people who are of the kingdom of the true Lord because there is hope for being deprogramed, and there are those with eyes to see it is absolutely heart melting….

I will keep this updated, this might not have made any sense but I’ll let myself talk until I do!!!


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