listened to you on how they literally twist john 3:16 to program us into darkness

[ I dont hate you, I really pray you will read this… eventually]

And when you stated how they would use ‘john 3:16’ in reverse, like to make you believe that he was sent TO condemn me instead of what it is written as, I started to cry because these last few months have been extremely painful. .. feel as though even when you read that scripture it was in reverse to me at this moment … you dont even probably care to read this but I truly pray to the Lord most high that you will and that you will understand that my alters are in fact going absolutely crazy… (least I have met a few now)

I know ‘they’ set off either suicide programming or self destructiveness because in November I went back to drugs and actually ended up overdosing and it killed me (mind you I hadn’t used anything in 6 years)… I spent over 7 thousand dollars on cocaine and I died from shooting up heroin that was laced up w fentanyl, but thank the Lord yeshua hamashiach, Jesus the Christ of Nazareth for not allowing it to take me out for the count completely. I also started to self harm pretty brutally and ended up just going away for quite some time. However, (you know what it means to ‘go away’ for some time and how they try to reprogram and mess w everything and anything).

I am not saying any of this for a sob story or none of that I simply never have met anyone else who can actually understand the whole thing. I am sorry for my ignorance in that interview that I did incorporate what you guys went thru but I didnt know if using the names of you both was a good idea plus my memories were entirely fractured so I could have just waited until the Lord made more sense of it all. We do however have extremely similar pasts and testimonies because I am a mkultra monarch trauma based mind control survivor plus an SRA survivor and I was not just saying things about the family I was / am connected to whatsoever at all, I am just really missing a LOT of time from my 30 years that I have been here I’ll turn 31 on July 13th this year.

I do know that the programming IS breaking down and it is very overwhelming.

I no longer have anything to do with Rose now, she was rather manipulative on the whole matter and the videos are ALL GONE and I truly pray for forgiveness at least to my ignorance and arrogance and everything else. And whoever that person that was saying they were you was extremely wicked and if you even knew half of the things she had said you would have understood my anger and resentment and since I am a follower of Christ I am simply saying I was wrong and that person was just making you and all others out to b ‘BBC’ actors and from the government. I hold no foul feelings towards you and all other survivors. I realise I was speaking foolishness and I truly pray you know how sorry I am, the rest at this point is for the Lord to handle.

I took down the videos where I mentioned Holly’s name because I was lead to do so. I did not mean to b intrusive upon either of you I just was happy for the fact you guys were aware of it all and I wasnt the only one that 1) went through the eerily similar events and 2) I was not crazy… I felt loved from you guys and I felt like you guys were almost kindred spirits like a family, I was wrong many times in life and you guys have no idea how much I was finally glad to have a type of acceptance.

The interviews are entirely gone and the other video of that helene telling me she was you, brooke, and showing me much disappointment and disinformation, along w extremely wicked lies about it all being completely false, and not only my experience in life but anyone else w similar circumstances. I should not have even spoken on my testimony until the Lord unlocked the more solid side of things. Because as you are aware missing time is extremely difficult to understand.

I am going to go and get into the secret place, I am just really sad..

Sorry for this ranting it had to be written my soul cannot handle everything


Madison drew

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