I’m a real person, I dont wear all fake personas and Masks..

However, I myself am capable to take the responsibility of the fact that I was so naive to put my trust into someone that I did not know off of the Internet just because they portrayed themselves with their with their false pretenses And even sickly enough to pretend Jesus and be about him when you are complete opposit of what you portrayed to be so you have fun wearing your mask but i realized it slipped off I seen who you are and you know that. So, no matter what you say no matter how you Exploit my name it dont bother me (though its illegal) because your just gathering information to use against yourself now .. claiming to be all about Jesus and all this other nonsense. when I know that I found out who this person truly is and it’s completely opposit. I do take responsibility that I was so naive to just trusting and letting you know any information about me and this was my lesson that I can’t just trust just because they seem like they have my best interests or that they seem to know what I have endured…

Plus I forgive you and your crew of whatever they are that are doing the same thing you know, trying to devalue my name and ruin my character or credibility. You see, the thing is, I have a core sense of self and no matter what happens no one on this Earth can do that unless I allow them to. I forgive you and I let go and I let go and I let God handle you now.

however I am still going to let my dad do what he needs to do because you guys stepped overboard a long time ago thank you and good bye

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