I have been here before

Abusers, Handlers, Sociopaths and psychopaths…I’ll try my best to explain this ‘game’s that I have been going through since birth

Abusers and programmers and Psychopaths and sociopaths

Some information about gaslighting

they will actually go to the extent of having a ‘Smear Campaign’ … a smear campaign is nothing more than completely destroying and destabilizing your credibility and name, whereby whoever that follows them will not only not like someone but they will purposely make it where you have 0% of any much needed support and empathy for that person

Sadly this has happened with the people that actually seemed to understand how it is to 100% truly to endure the same, well not the same but eerily similar torture…

Been on my own now with this since October/November I pray the Lord will see how much a supporting community is for my life

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