….Hell is EMPTY all the devils are already HERE….

Name is Madison, and i am trying to conquer all that has been done to me, physically tortured repetitively, traumatically abused from childhood and onward, and the mental torment never ended. i just really am trying to gain my mind life back together,.. i was an SRA (satanic ritual abuse) survivor and i was part of mkultra Project Monarch Trauma Based mind Control program… they had me programmed for certain ‘tasks’… and i am now a survivor of not only THAT but a multiple other traumas. I have not even had the attention span to get on here and think or type….

(as I go through this journey the LORD will heal me, its the only hope I have)….I still have hope…..

stop gaslighting me🛑

Stop it, I happen to ACTUALLY B a mkultra survivor and I truly do not appreciate you gaslighting me on purpose and making up really wrong accusations,..

it is just really wicked of you to do that, I didn’t steal anyone’s testimony and all liars will be totally exposed..If you guys actually do understand trauma you would not do this unless if you were like an agent..or a programmer,.hmmmm…

I have not come against your ministries, & have not been on YouTube 3 weeks, and I have not spoken to you or brooke for 3 weeks. I am not the one who is trying to do harm to you or to your ‘loved ones,’ it is actually YOU that is causing alot of harm. Stop saying I tlk to you or brooke I dont and I won’t, I think you actually want to hurt me (and I mean physically). You already do enough to mentally get me sick, I don’t trust either of you & I think you are agents, ..anyway just leave me alone ..

…and the Elites

Check out these videos that I stumbled upon with references to “the black cube,” I didnt know they had this like, cult within a cult ….it is insane, honestly I am being flooded w information that is Factual information too it is amazing, my goodness…hahaha!

I didnt realize I knew this information about the ‘black cube,’ and me randomly saying ‘black cube like Saturn!’ On livestream…once my friend had said she thought this earth is really a black cube w mirrors,… and I got such a deep revelation on it… like straight from the occult teachings on it and I didnt realize I even knew what I was speaking about

since I was born or well, adopted into the family that I was, it’s all starting to make sense. somedays I just want to b speaking something totally out there but it always turns out to b real truth is stranger than fiction.

… I knew something that I didnt even realize it …mindblown❗

what exactly is reality, is it even real?


I know that I’m fuckd up and infected,I been hiding in the fear, rejected, ..Thank GOD that you finally found me,..Cuz you got to get me out of that tormenting hell, how long until I am not a broken girl? I’ve been sick and disconnected I have now Learned how to live with being,..neglected…All the walls coming down around me.And you just got to get me out of here…I cant take anymore. I dont want to breathe, only to survive aanymore and I dont want to die..I can’t stay  paralyzed…Please just Give me back my life…I know I’m a walking contradiction, I’m truth that you wish was fiction, And as hard as you know you hate me…
I just wanna disappear and escape is so far away from here ive been on a self inflicted mission To destroy everything I’m given
Thank God you finally found me but please just get me oout of here. I cant take anymore…..I dont wanna breath tto simply survive and  I dont wanna fight,
 please God take me out of here…..


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