Like this.

Yeah, Holding back, I've always been good at that, unattached. (yeah) 
Waiting for what's Coming next, Things i know i should address
I Feel more Together when i am a mess (Whoa). That's for moments that just came and went, 
Made amends with you, Then you overstepped that's a line You never should have crossed you 
have no respect stop with all the threats, Like the more i get to 'know' you i just know you less.
Nother' city i dont know well, Feeling too much like my old self...
Backsliding , Backsliding....
Got me in the Sad Feels, Got me at a standstill. Too much time Alone is when it gets real. (Ah)
Future doesnt pop up then the Past will. 
Outside that's the rear view. Now im going downhill, Dont know who im close with Going thru the Motions, Dont know who to trust when i....

i lie to myself and i cannot handle it, why to i waste so much time on things that i can't fix? All these things i hold inside and i just cant forget, Thought that i could let this go...



….Hell is EMPTY all the devils are already HERE….

Name is Madison, and I’m currently recovering, I have been physically tortured on a repetitive bases, abused from childhood and onward. the mental torment still around… I have not even had the attention span to get on here and think or type….

(as I go through this journey the LORD will heal me, its the only hope I have)….I still have hope…..

is it really what you think

When it comes to understanding your feelings, self-love is crucial to deepen your relationship with yourself, work ethic, lifestyle, and overall how your brain works. Nevertheless, with this profound journey of understanding who you truly are, outside opinions have developed an inability to decipher between self-love and narcissistic behavior.

How do we know we are talking to a narcissist or someone who knows their worth? What is the largest factor in knowing you are being manipulated by a narcissist or if the person is simply strong-headed?

To put it simply, demonstrating self-love entails knowing yourself and having the ability to neglect external negative opinions about who you are as a person. Self-love entails two key components.

self-respect and self-esteem. Both of these components are necessary in order for a person to understand who they are, what they are looking for in life, and more importantly, not being susceptible to manipulation that will deter them from their goal

someone who practices self-love understands how to surround themselves with healthy relationships and demonstrate self-nurture. They also seek out constructive criticism, because they continuously want to grow. In essence, people who practice self-love acknowledge their flaws and strengths and are thankful for who they are. In contrast, narcissists display the opposite behavior.

There are many who may or may not have childlike faith, but who behave in childish ways. Jesus wants us to be childlike, not childish.

Childlike faith trusts. Childlike faith knows no bounds. Childlike faith listens to what is said, and believes it. 

I tell you the truth

But if it is not worthy, take back your blessing of peace. 14 Whoever does not welcome you, nor listen to your message, as you leave that house or city, [f]shake the dust [of it] off your feet [in contempt, breaking all ties]. 15 I assure you and most solemnly say to you, it will be more tolerable on the day of judgment for the land of [g]Sodom and Gomorrah than for that city [since it rejected the Messiah’s messenger].

water isn’t even real

Seriously weird things are happening in every way theree is so I will continue to be obedient to the Lord because things are about to become very very very intense the water 💧 solidified as I was pouring it!! Day 7 and I am not an addict at all ANY LONGER no desire of it either at all hallelujah all glory to Christ I couldn’t have done this only him